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Monday, August 30, 2010

How you maintain your health?

We know about the elements of health that can help us to improve our health. We can maintain our health with the help of many things.
• Drinking water
• Exercise
• Quality food
• Lifestyle

Drinking Water

Water is most important for our health. Our body contains 60-70 percent of water. Blood is likely most water. Our lungs, muscles and brain contain a lot of water so that’s way water is very useful for our health. You know that water is made of tow hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule and oxygen is very important for our life and breathing. If our body not contains oxygen then we can’t live without it. According to a survey we need at least 12 glasses of water each day so drinking pure water is very useful for our life and health.


Exercise is very useful for health. Exercise is helpful for our physical fitness if you are a regular exerciser then it’s very useful for your health. Exercise maintains your health and weight. Exercise is very useful for diabetes patient and hearth patient.
You should exercise according to your age and fitness for example for adult age need 30 minutes exercise daily and for young generation need more exercise than adult. You can exercise with different ways like bicycling, swimming, dancing and many more. So exercise can be very useful for a healthy body.


Good quality food can help you to improve your health. You eat food different times in a day but you should have a regular schedule of eating because your stomach is used to eating certain times in a day. Never over eat you should eat as you required over eating can be dangerous for your health. You should be eat in relax mood and slowly and chew the food well.


Health is more depend on your lifestyle. There concept of lifestyle is that what you eat in your life, what you do in your life (e.g. how much you do exercise in a day.) and how much time you give to yourself for sleep in a day. These all things involve in our lifestyle. If you don’t take rest and do more work in a day then your health can be down.
A healthy person must be sleep 7 to 8 hours in a day.
If you apply all these things in your life then you can be healthy and can enjoy your life in more efficient way.

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