Health Tips

Monday, August 30, 2010

Why health is important?

First of all you should be known about health what is health and why it is important for human life. If I define health then you can say that a person is properly healthy if he is mentally, physically and socially complete and he contains no disease. An organization WHO (World Health Organization) was established for the purpose of health in 1948.Health basically a positive concept that emphasizes the social and personal resources. 
Now we discuss about why health is important for our life. The answer is same like why we eat why we drink why we sleep because these are requirements for our living. If we don’t do this then we can be live any more. Similarly health is important for our life if we are not healthy then we can’t take any action properly in our life.

What are the elements that determine the health?

A Canadian expert doctor suggests a report in 1947 according to his report there are four elements of health that determine the health. These elements are environment, lifestyle, healthcare services and human biology. We can maintain and improved our health thorough healthcare services and good society and lifestyle. We can also improve our health with the help of exercise, good food and enough sleep. Water has an impact on our life if we don’t use clean water for drinking that can be developed more diseases.

How you maintain your health?

We know about the elements of health that can help us to improve our health. We can maintain our health with the help of many things.
• Drinking water
• Exercise
• Quality food
• Lifestyle

Drinking Water

Water is most important for our health. Our body contains 60-70 percent of water. Blood is likely most water. Our lungs, muscles and brain contain a lot of water so that’s way water is very useful for our health. You know that water is made of tow hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule and oxygen is very important for our life and breathing. If our body not contains oxygen then we can’t live without it. According to a survey we need at least 12 glasses of water each day so drinking pure water is very useful for our life and health.


Exercise is very useful for health. Exercise is helpful for our physical fitness if you are a regular exerciser then it’s very useful for your health. Exercise maintains your health and weight. Exercise is very useful for diabetes patient and hearth patient.
You should exercise according to your age and fitness for example for adult age need 30 minutes exercise daily and for young generation need more exercise than adult. You can exercise with different ways like bicycling, swimming, dancing and many more. So exercise can be very useful for a healthy body.


Good quality food can help you to improve your health. You eat food different times in a day but you should have a regular schedule of eating because your stomach is used to eating certain times in a day. Never over eat you should eat as you required over eating can be dangerous for your health. You should be eat in relax mood and slowly and chew the food well.


Health is more depend on your lifestyle. There concept of lifestyle is that what you eat in your life, what you do in your life (e.g. how much you do exercise in a day.) and how much time you give to yourself for sleep in a day. These all things involve in our lifestyle. If you don’t take rest and do more work in a day then your health can be down.
A healthy person must be sleep 7 to 8 hours in a day.
If you apply all these things in your life then you can be healthy and can enjoy your life in more efficient way.

Different tips for health improvements.

We usually different things do in our life that has an impact in our life. For example you daily eat different things but you don’t know which is useful for your body and which is not. There are a lot of question in your mind like.

• How you can maintain your weight?
• How you can make active yourself?
• How you reduce your stress?
• How you make healthy yourself with the help of safe relation.

How you can maintain your weight?

When you are going to be over weight you think that this is not possible to reduce your weight. That was just sick of mind that you think you can’t lose your weight. First you should set your mind that you can do this and than do different things for your weight lose.
There are a lot of things in our life if we manage them than we can control our weight.
For example we eat different things in a day like burger, oily things and fatty meals. We must be avoid these type of food and use light food for eat. We should use a limited amount of nuts and sandwich meats that our stomach handles this type of food easily
These are the foods limitation but there are a lot of exercises that can help you to reduce your weight. 
• Walk is the best way to reduce your weight. According to a survey 30 mints walk can help the adult to reduce the weight and maintain the health.
• You can be joining a Jim and do different exercise to reduce your weight.
• Cycling is very useful to reduce your weight you can lose your 350 calories in 30 minutes cycling
• Boxing is very useful for young people to reduce the weight. With the help of boxing you can you can reduce 350 calories.

How you can reduce your stress?

Stress is very danger for your health. There is a lot way to think positive. To reduce the stress you must gave time to yourself. You walk in park and go on the beech to relax yourself. You spend your time with your baby, go to your friend home and watch a comedy movie that can helpful for less the stress.

How you make active yourself?

You can make active yourself with the help of moving. You climb the mountain you move your body more to make yourself active. You should play with your kids and friends that make you active and can helpful to reduce the stress. 

Safe relation

Safe relation with other can help you to make healthy. With safe relation you can safe from different disease like HIV and AIDS. You must be aware of these types of diseases and avoid yourself from these types of persons.

How you can remove wrinkles on your face?

Wrinkles are one of the most significant problems that we face today. Blood infection may be cause of wrinkles if your lungs can’t work properly than you can face this problem. Clear skin makes the personality good and enhances the confidence. There are two types of skin problems.

• Intrinsic skin problem
• Extrinsic skin problem 

1. Extrinsic 
Extrinsic skin problem basically comes from our environmental factor. There are some major environment factors that can improve the wrinkles on our face.

• Smoke 
• Sun rays 
Smoking and sun rays can effect on our skin and enhance the wrinkles on our face. But we are discussing here how to remove wrinkles on face. There are a lot of methods and cosmetic techniques are available. That I discuss below

I. Medical treatment
II. Cosmetic procedure

Medical treatment

• According to doctor smith survey vitamin A is very useful for our skin and it can be helpful to remove the wrinkles on our face. We must use these types of foods that contain vitamin A.
• We use more water for drinking in a single day. Water can be helpful to clear our skin.
• Milk and fruits contain the Alpha Hydroxide acid that is very useful to eliminate the wrinkles on face. 
• Antioxidants acid is useful to remove the skin wrinkles. You don’t worry with the name of antioxidants acid. It is contain in Vitamin C, E and A. so you should use fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C, E and A.

Cosmetic Procedure
                                    Cosmetic procedure contains different techniques and methods.

• Laser resurfacing
• Cosmetic surgery

Laser Resurfacing
Laser resurfacing basically is a treatment that is used to reduce the wrinkles on face. If you have wrinkles under the eyes then you are the perfect candidate for laser resurfacing.

Cosmetic surgery
Cosmetic surgery is a big branch of surgery that is most useful for those people that damage due to burn but it can also be used to remove the wrinkles on face. 

2. Intrinsic 
Intrinsic problem come inherited from our parents