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Monday, August 30, 2010

How you can remove wrinkles on your face?

Wrinkles are one of the most significant problems that we face today. Blood infection may be cause of wrinkles if your lungs can’t work properly than you can face this problem. Clear skin makes the personality good and enhances the confidence. There are two types of skin problems.

• Intrinsic skin problem
• Extrinsic skin problem 

1. Extrinsic 
Extrinsic skin problem basically comes from our environmental factor. There are some major environment factors that can improve the wrinkles on our face.

• Smoke 
• Sun rays 
Smoking and sun rays can effect on our skin and enhance the wrinkles on our face. But we are discussing here how to remove wrinkles on face. There are a lot of methods and cosmetic techniques are available. That I discuss below

I. Medical treatment
II. Cosmetic procedure

Medical treatment

• According to doctor smith survey vitamin A is very useful for our skin and it can be helpful to remove the wrinkles on our face. We must use these types of foods that contain vitamin A.
• We use more water for drinking in a single day. Water can be helpful to clear our skin.
• Milk and fruits contain the Alpha Hydroxide acid that is very useful to eliminate the wrinkles on face. 
• Antioxidants acid is useful to remove the skin wrinkles. You don’t worry with the name of antioxidants acid. It is contain in Vitamin C, E and A. so you should use fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C, E and A.

Cosmetic Procedure
                                    Cosmetic procedure contains different techniques and methods.

• Laser resurfacing
• Cosmetic surgery

Laser Resurfacing
Laser resurfacing basically is a treatment that is used to reduce the wrinkles on face. If you have wrinkles under the eyes then you are the perfect candidate for laser resurfacing.

Cosmetic surgery
Cosmetic surgery is a big branch of surgery that is most useful for those people that damage due to burn but it can also be used to remove the wrinkles on face. 

2. Intrinsic 
Intrinsic problem come inherited from our parents

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